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A real-world Metaverse for architects

Reimagine how you create, collaborate, manage, optimize, and present your design work in a real-world Metaverse made just for architects.

Innovate, design, annotate, organize, present and share

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Introducing TwinMaster

TwinMaster is a design portfolio management, collaboration and presentation platform made by architects, for architects

Twinify your 3D building models

Import and convert your 3D project models to make 3D digital twin models for exploration and analysis

Create, collaborate and connect in the Metaverse

Import, place & add data to your 3D project models in virtual cities and invite team members to collaborate in real-time

Engage the design community

Consolidate, organize and present your design portfolio to private groups, clients and the community


As the head of practice technology for a major US architecture firm, I’ve been looking for a platform that can transform our 3D BIM models into standard Digital Twins for large infra projects. We’re very impressed with what we’ve seen so far of TwinMaster.

– J. Wilkinson, AIA, USGBC


There’s just nothing out there like TwinMaster. I’m a recent B. Arch grad student from the U.K. who is today a solo practitioner. With TwinMaster, I can create, manage, optimize, and present all my 3D design models and project images in one place. Amazing."

– R. Taylor, R.I.B.A.


TwinMaster’s AI-driven personal assistant, ‘Arch-e’, promises to be the ChatGPT for today’s busy practicing architect. It’s like having my own private tour guide to a Metaverse made just for me. I can do so much more with less effort in less time."

– F. Ibrahim, NCARB, AIA

Built by architects.
For architects.

Mr. Michael Jansen

Chief Growth Officer

TwinMaster's CEO has founded and led high-growth companies from more than 25 years. A student of architecture at Yale and Cambridge universities, Michael rose to lead the Asia practices of two major US international architecture firms before he was 30. In 2004, at 33, he founded his first major company, Satellier, which grew to 500+ employees in just 4 years, disrupting the global architecture profession. A Fulbright scholar and adviser to the World Economic Forum, Michael has been featured on CNN, CNBC, the BBC, and in leading publications including Forbes, TechCrunch, Inc., receiving several major awards for his work globally.

Dr. Prasanta Bose

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Prasanta Bose is leading engineering development at TwinMaster. He earned his master’s degree in computer science from UMASS and PhD from USC, both degrees focusing on Intelligence and Machine learning. For more than 10 years, Dr. Bose led critical efforts at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center accruing company-wide technical excellence awards and honors for his work on highly advanced technologies, autonomous systems, and software as part of cutting-edge DARPA, NASA, and internal R&D projects.  Later, as Senior Director of Engineering and Advanced Analytics at Starbucks Technology (2015-2020) he spearheaded the deployment of an innovative AI-powered IOT platform that saved Starbucks over $400 million per year in operational costs.

Mr. Jon David “JC” Cunningham


JC is a seasoned chief executive and management/financial consultant with over 25 years of hands-on experience in launching new businesses, building organizational infrastructure, diversifying revenue lines, and growing overall enterprise value for founders, shareholders, and employees with a specialization in emerging technologies. He is a former Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer of, a successful B2B/SaaS company and a former Arthur Andersen LLP executive. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Baylor University.

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Proffesional portfolio, Metaverse tools to create digital twins, collaborate with peers and present projects

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The TwinMaster Software Beta Program is now active and accepting applications from interested participants. Applicants must be a 1) licensed architect, 2) unlicensed practicing architect, or 3) current architecture school student. To learn more, send us an email or signup to attend the next TwinMaster Software Beta Program webinar.

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